Should high schools allow students to take only courses that interest them?

June 17, 2020 0 Comment

Schools are expected to offer a conducive learning environment for students.

It is a place where students discover their greatest potential even as they work on their weaknesses. This journey takes months, and sometimes years before a student can be allowed to make a personal decision. Regardless, it is necessary to allow students to decide on the course that interests them. This should be done under the guidance of a teacher and parents through proper structures. Here are some of the reasons:

School drop out

Many school dropouts are likely to do so because education was forced on them in the first place. Of cos, some students drop out of school for other reasons – like the loss of a breadwinner and lack of school fees. However, others choose this direction due to rebellion. They rebel the fact that they were forced into seeking a type of education that they never dreamt of. They were duped into taking a course that later pointed them towards an undesired career.

Poor performance

It is very hard to maintain your focus when you are finally told you can’t take a course that interests you. It is almost like being told to forget about your visions and dreams. Students are likely to be demoralized and lose interest in their education if this happens. This leads to a drastic change in a student’s performance. Suddenly, the student sees no more need to work hard since hard work no longer seems to make any sense in a world where adults determine what should be buy coursework online considered and what should be dropped.

A sign of defeated

High schools always want to guide students towards their areas of strength rather than guiding them towards their areas of interest. In other words, a student is likely to be forced into choosing courses related to visual arts if he exhibits extraordinary abilities in art and design. However, this student might have desired to be a doctor or surgeon regardless of his poor grades in sciences. But why can’t schools help such students improve their grades in sciences and become surgeons and doctors as they dreamt of? It is almost an admission of defeat by teachers who seem to settle for the easiest way out. This should never happen when it is the student who pays school fees to be helped make all desired dreams a reality.

How can High School Students be helped to choose their desired courses?

This can be done through the introduction of elective classes. These include modeling, journalism, music, and art classes to introduce interested students to their desired careers. It is through this that they get to experience what these courses entail and determine whether or not they would like to go ahead and study them in college. It is only by doing this that students could be given the power to choose the courses they would like to pursue freely. Otherwise, forcing them to make specific decisions only hurts their education, leading to poor performance, cases of school dropout, and a feeling of defeat. It should not be allowed to happen.