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It’s a well-known fact that an academic assignment is a task given to college and university students, to be completed. College and university, meaning undergraduate and graduate writing styles differ a lot from high school writing.

There is a whole variety of writing styles that a college or university student should be acquainted with. First of all, you should get an overall understanding of certain essay writing styles and formats because you may be required to produce a specific paper at university. Academic college and university curriculum will include following types of writing assignments, including:

  • Essays;
  • Research papers;
  • Academic reports;
  • Case studies;
  • Short essays;
  • Laboratory reports;
  • Literature reviews;
  • Coursework papers;
  • Termp papers;
  • Dissertations, dissertations proposals, other projects, etc.

Before starting working on your assignment, first of all you should be sure to get acquainted with typical characteristics and features of the selected type of academic paper.

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Before You Start Writing:

  • Concentrate on reading the assignment instructions and any explanatory remarks thoroughly.
  • Focus on understanding why this particular task has been given to you.

What are you about to learn?

If you find yourself frustrated, ask for explanations if you feel it’s necessary. Keep in mind that you can always obtain in-time help from professional writers.

Plan your writing outline before you start..

The Writing Process

To make the writing process effective, follow these easy-to-grasp paper writing steps:

Prepare for the paper writing.

Some advice: take into account your own preferences when choosing the most comfortable environment (location, time of the day for writing, and supplies).

Analyze the writing task.

Some advice: look for content words (they tell you what to consider), directional words (tell you what to do, e.g. discuss, explain), and limiting words (tell you the scope of your writing).

Research Evaluation (read and investigate).

Some advice: investigate the main essay points, not all details. Mark the main points in the every source you read. Read with keeping critical point of view. Paraphrase the important information.

Develop your own point of view.

Some advice: explain and evaluate the information you’ve found. Avoid the use of simple retelling in the essay. Pay attention to important viewpoints you’ve discovered during your research. Keep in mind, you may face presenting your research . Don’t be afraid to have a position different from the generally accepted, but prepare to offer the most convincing arguments.

Make and Write a Conclusion

Some advice: recall the first writing stage and make conclusion. Concentrate on the major purpose of the task. This is your final chance to impress the reader, so your final essay part, the conclusion should be powerful and strong.

Proofread at least 5 times

  • each point is meaningful, logically leading to the next sentence or paragraph;
  • there are no spelling errors or grammar mistakes;
  • the writing is done according to the required format;
  • the main task of the writing is completed.

Some advice: one of the most effective ways of editing and proofreading is reading out loud. This way you can check your writing to have the best results.

General Academic Writing Tips
  • Write on regular basis, so that you can get into the habit and find your own methods of improving and organizing your writing.
  • Be realistic while making a time plan.
  • Find out the time of the day and the location that allows the most comfortable writing.
  • Take breaks to refresh yourself physically and mentally, but always stick to the set plan and follow the writing outline.
  • Find strategies that work for you. Trying different ideas will help you to improve the process of writing and the final results of it.
  • Always be critical and formulate your own opinion, but don’t forget that it should be well-reasoned.
  • Avoid conversational phrases and metaphors, stick to the formal academic writing style;
  • Always keep a copy of the each assignment on your records.
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